1.      Examine the entire metal framework and wall carefully. Any signs of rust should be sanded and repainted with a rust retardant paint. It is advisable to coat the entire metal surface (wall, seats, uprights) with a good auto wax or other rust preventive product. For vinyl laminated or coated walls and frames use mild soap and water (such as Ivory Liquid Detergent).


2.      At this time check all of your NO DIVING safety sign and decals for damage. If they are damaged, missing or not legible contact us for free replacements. 


3.      A pool exposed to freezing temperatures must not leak. Prior to winterizing, check the water level for a period of one week. Mark water level on liner to detect any leakage.


4.      Continue your chemical program and filteration as long as possible. Add chemicals in accordance with manufacturer’s directions. Be sure all chemicals are dissolved, as liner damage may result.


5.      With the advent of freezing weather, remove all accessories, pipes, etc. from the pool. The skimmer and other thru-the-wall fixtures may stay on the pool as long as they remain completely empty. CAUTION: Do not let pump or filter water freeze. Serious component damage will result.


6.      Vacuum and clean the pool. Remove all ladders and removable objects from the pool. While filter system is running, shock treat and add algaecide according to chemical manufacturer’s instructions. For added protection use chlorinated tablets in floating dispenser (˝ pound for every 5,000 gallons of water).


7.      Drop water level six inches below skimmer and discharging fitting openings to prevent ice damage to components.

Accomplish this by:

A.     Plug discharge fitting from inside and remove filter hose from outside of discharge fitting.

B.     Attach backwash hose to filter valve.

C.     Turn valve to backwash position

D.     Turn pump and run until water flow begins to stop

E.      Siphon pool to 6 inches below skimmer of discharge fitting level.

F.      Leave skimmer outlet hose fittings open. DO NOT PLGU. Check during winter months to insure skimmer is free of ice.

G.     Turn off pump, un-plug from power source and prepare for winter storage as instructed in Owner’s Manual.


8.      If you cover your pool with a winter cover and do not purchase it from us, be sure the product meets the CPSC Standard ES13. It must be equipped with a positive tamper-proof locking retainer cable that positions the edge of the cover around the side of the pool wall and retains it securely in place. Never allow anyone, especially small children, to walk or play on pool cover. Serious injury or drowning could result.


9.      Protect your pool with a winterized cover. Use flotation pillows, which function as an ice equalizer. Install in accordance with cover manufacturer’s instructions.


10.  CAUTION: DO NOT disturb the pool after freezing. Disturbing the pool in cold weather can cause damage to seams uprights and support system. Do not ice skate, or in any way cause movement of the pool. Failure to heed this warning results in serious component damage.



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